New BGM system at "Le Pal"

Networked sound system brings superior performance


Vulcania : Entry feature

In the heart of the Volcanos area


Virtual Reality

The revolution is underway (almost)


Rich Zwiebel

An interview with Richard Zwiebel, the father of networked audio



Quality Theming for a great Family Coaster


Splash O Saure

A unique flume ride


FujiQ DoDoDonPa

The world's fastest acceleration coaster


Legoland Japan

Tejix install Parkwide Systems for Merlin's flagship


V16+ Show Controller

The end of an era


Grevin Seoul

CDA’s first wax museum in Asia


The secrets of good sound

How to defeat reflections to improve sound quality in home systems


SMPTE Time-Code

The basics of Time-Code


Coaster Theming

What does it take to revamp a coaster?


The Little Prince

A new park like no other


Prague Grévin Museum

Backstage in the new wax museum


The 48 Hours Film Project

Can constraints stimulate creativity?


Networked Audio

A guide to networked BGM


Open Valve = Success

A generous approach to system and process design


Tips for Writing your Script

Know the Difference Between Plot and Story


Facing the crisis

How to cope with an attendance drop


Producing Expedition Tiger

The creative process behind an exciting attraction


Service Experience

Experiencing service from a guest perspective


Sound Quality

Why Sound quality is so important ?


Roller Coaster Audio

High-Speed, Hight-Fidelity sound


The cost of attractions

What should be the price to pay for a great show?


7 steps to a great attraction

Putting the show together, step by step



Theme Park attractions outside Theme Parks


Basic rules of audience interaction

Pitfalls to watch when interacting with guests


3D: Principles and Technology

A detailed review of all 3D projection techniques


3D: Basics and history

Was 3D born in Theme Parks?


Parks and Intellectual Property

Is IP a viable option for a Theme Park attraction?


Background music

Discover how music is the foundation of theming


Parade Backstage

Backstage with the Parade performers


Queue lines in Theme Parks

Theory and practice of the guest nightmare


The secrets of Show Control

A practical guide on the devices that run the show


Theme Parks attractions and storylines

No great attraction without a strong storyline