Show Engineering Experts

  • The Show is coming to life

    Frame after frame, each effect is painstakingly programmed

  • Sound Systems

    All our attractions share one thing in common: their dramatic sonic quality

  • Masters at Work

    Thorough down to the last detail

  • Show Lighting

    Ligthing tells story...

  • On Site Installation

    Preparing for the magic...

  • Media Design

    Dazzling sounds and images from Theme Parks Experts

  • Technical cabinets

    Perfection requires hundreds of imperceptible details

  • Lighting Control

    Parkwide Control made easy

  • Show Control

    Precision and reliability

  • Networked Audio

    Our unparalleled expertise is used by the best parks

  • Audio Tuning

    Dozens of hours are necessary to get the sonic quality that makes our reputation

  • High Speed Sound

    On Board Light and Music System

  • Our stringent strandards are meticulously followed by our Japanese Takumis


    Show Engineering Experts

Theme Park Technology by Tejix

Tejix is the first design and consulting company whose goal is to help theme parks achieve long term success. Our clear vision and our expertise have earned us the enviable position of Theme Park experts. Our transcultural team includes specialists in the fields of sound, image, lighting and control systems. We offer full design and consulting services to both market leaders and local theme parks run by showmen whose values we share. Our goal is to team up with the best operators to provide their guests memorable experiences.
Each attraction has a story. Tejix Theme Park Engineering is part of the best ones.



As true european designers, we think that dazzling sound quality comes from simple and elegant design.


We are renowned for our ability to find innovative solutions to the most complex display and projection challenges.

Lighting and Effects

Our approach lies in two words: « useable perfection ». Efficient design that astonish audiences show after show.

Media Production

From background music to the big screen, we put our expertise to work to deliver stellar medias to our clients.