V16+ Show Controller

Henry Corrado


After nearly 30 years on the market, Alcorn McBride has announced the retirement of its flagship V16 + Show Controller.

This disappearance marks the end of a discreet career. Shunned by designers who do not mind trading show quality for programming comfort, the V16+ has been the favorite of premium parks, who appreciated its reliability.

The spartan design of this device and its software provided its users with the challenge to make the most of its limited power (in nowadays standards).

In return, they could be assured of absolute precision and perfect reliability, not mentioning most of the components could be replaced in the field, without a soldering iron!

The replacing model, the V16Pro, is way more powerful and easy to program. But by dint of integrating the improbable requests of casual users, its interface and become abstruse and confusing.

Still, because of the reliability it inherited from its ancestor, the V16Pro is the backbone of all  our systems. However,  during late hours programming sessions, when discernment is weak and thoughts confused, we sometimes regret the simplicity and clarity of the old software...

Although it is out of its manufacturer catalog, longevity V16 + will always remain a source of inspiration that guides us in our "less is more approach" we are fond of.