Musée Grévin in Prague

Henry Corrado

Efficient AV design brings stellar performance to Prague

Paris’ Grevin museum is an institution. For over a century, Parisians and tourists visit the museum to meet wax replicas of celebrities and head of states. Recently, Grevin has undertaken an ambitious international development plan, started with the opening in 2013 of a first branch in Montreal.

Next on the list, the Prague museum opened May, 1st, 2014. Tejix has been the sole contractor for tall show equipment (sound, image, lighting and control), as well as the production of video medias.

Tejix « less is more » philosophy has been applied to this complex design, with the goal to achieve uttermost quality, ease of use, minimum space usage and power efficiency.  For example, the 100-channels sound system is digital from end to end, without a single analog connection. The original score, mixed on site, shines on the crystal-clear sound system.


Video clips production mobilized a team of ten people in four countries for several months. The exchange between artists was greatly facilitated by the use of the latest collaborative tools.

A leading consultant has designed the lighting system. More than 500 LED projectors are individually addressed on the network. Maintenance and power consumption benefit greatly from this approach.

Although capable of stellar performance, the system has no unnecessary adjustment, minimizing the risk of errors. Design simplicity, along with perfect execution allow maintenance and operations technicians to focus on the most important: show quality.