Legoland Japan

tejix behind the scenes of Merlin's new flagship

The new Legoland park recently opened in Nagoya, Japan.

The park defines new standards in terms of build quality, and of course technology. Tejix has been selected to cover a wide scope that includes all design and installation of all parkwide BGM, audio, video and lighting for the various attractions and theaters, tanks and underwater lighting, on-board audio, dynamic signage and even parkwide wifi.

Design for sound clarity
« We started from a blank page » explained sound designer Akio Takeda "with the idea of providing exceptional performance in a straightforward design. Our sound concept is digital from sources to amplifiers, using a single network for the 500+ audio channels needed in the park.We achieved our goal to combine the simplicity of centralized system with the flexibility of a distributed approach."

« We have speakers in theaters, dark rides, outdoor areas, Lego models, on-board audio and so on. To achieve a great level of consistency, we use just one type of amplifier and seven speakers models across the board ». Indeed, even in areas where different speaker models are used concurrently, the sound is admirably consistent.

"We used the latest digital measurement techniques to fine-tune systems to provide guests with a constant sonic signature and virtually no BGM overlaps" Morita added.

 Keep reliability in mind
The control system relies on a clear, proven, computer-free architecture based on industrial components. This simple design provides precision and flexibility, and above all perfect reliability.

Lighting Challenges
"Indoor attractions, especially the ones with water, present unique challenges » explained Lilian Strussmann, Tejix’s site coordinator « While being theatrical, the lighting fixtures must have very specific characteristics to support marine life in the tanks. » she added « doubtful about the resistance to corrosion of fixtures available on the market, we have decided to design our own projectors, both for over and underwater »

For Tejix, a simple, clear design is the foundation of extrodinary performance. The best concepts need to be served by a meticulous execution. Our « takumis » (the Japanese word for craftsman) put all their attention to details in assembly and wiring. Our cabinets not only conveys the clarity of our design, but they provide a perfect environment for the devices they house.

Thanks to our unified approach, Legoland Japan sets a new standard in quality and ease of maintenance. We feel privileged to be part of Merlin’s flagship success in Asia.

Early in the construction stage, in what will soon become the "city" area...

Takumi Gaku Uchida works on special effects under the stage of the Ninjago Theater

Engineers precisely adjust Line Array speakers

Miniland, the heart of the park, close to completion

Fruit of our craftsmen's meticulous attention, our control cabinets are assembled from carefully selected components in our Ichikawa factory, on the outskirts of Tokyo. The painstaking care taken in their construction conveys the clarity of their design.