Little Prince

Henry Corrado

In Alsace, a park like no other

The Little Prince park has just opened its doors close to French city of Mulhouse. It is the first aeronautical theme park in the world.

It's no secret that the Little Prince is replacing the ill-fated Bioscope, who never managed to find its audience and closed its doors after a few seasons.

The Little Prince is the antithesis of its predecessor which clumsily tried to combine culture and entertainment in a questionable layout.

The empty areas between the Bioscope buildings made the place empty and desolated. Bioscope (reinforced by the low attendance) have been filled by new "A-tickets"  and many smaller attractions that complement the core offering of the park: two tethered balloons and a  "Aerobar"  a lift on which you can sip a cocktail with your feet hanging in the air. Aérophile, the designer and manufacturer of these attractions, is behind the Petit Prince project.

You can check the flightdeck of the Antonov... No firmware update required.


New features also include a 3D theater where the NWave movie "The Little Prince" is shown. Another theater has been converted in a large-screen movie house for the "Wings of Courage" film by Jean-Jacques Annaud. Originally shoot in Imax, the film is a tribute to the Aeropostale pioneers who risked their lives in the Andes Cordillera (Tejix installed the 3D theater in Futuroscope where the same film is shown).

The design and installation of both theaters has been assigned to Tejix. As usual, clear design and meticulous equipment selection lead to the performance and reliability expected from a Tejix installation.

The Little Prince is a park like no other. Just as Saint-Exupéry's epic, the park combines adventure and romance. Deftly avoiding the traps of pseudo-cultural "edutainment", the Petit Prince offers families the opportunity for a no-stress, rewarding family outing. The real thrill ride is the inner journey...

One of the two balloons