Le Pal Yukon Coaster

great theming for a family attraction

French park « Le Pal »  is a hybrid, both zoo and amusement park, aiming primarily towards families.

When selecting a new ride, management must take into account the demographics of their visitors. The new attraction has to provide good sensations while not being too scary.

The "Yukon Quad", based on a Intamin design perfectly meets these requirements: the long track doesn’t have inversions or steep drops. On the other hand, the sensations are really there with two sequences of strong accelerations at the beginning and the middle of the track.
Each time, a group of 40 launch motors propels the train to more than 90 km / h.

The theme chosen for the Yukon coaster is a mine locates in a forest. With this choice, the attraction seamlessly blend with the greenery of  its environment.   Before the launch, the train moves to a wooden mine corridor area,  isolated by two show doors. Once the passengers are locked in this space, the quad engines start and whirr in a flood of sounds and lights. After a few seconds, while the engines are warming up, countdown is given visually by a signal located above the exit gate. At the end of the countdown, the exit doors open and the train is launched at full speed in a sound explosion.

The Yukon Quad Coaster tested prior to the openning...

For Julien Levaufre, who designed the lighting system and supervised the installation, the main issue was to stick perfectly to Le Pal desires, while providing a simple design: "our technical system is clear and easy to operate. Our artistic concept integrates from the outset the constraints of safety and maintenance. We don’t want the show system being a maintenance burden."  

Tejix also realized the audio media that was mixed right in the attraction, at the end of an installation conducted in record time.

"The use of techniques and products that we master perfectly allows us to quickly achieve a high level of quality during the adjustment phase," added Julien Levaufre. This aspect is critical in the installation of a coaster; where the settings of the show part occur during the tests of the ride, which, of course, remain a priority.

The Yukon Quad is the perfect example of a wise choice of attraction and demonstrates that a good level of theming is not unique to large parks. 

Control System being programed inside the launch area