Tejix is about sound. We assemble the best components in beautiful systems that will give attractions soundtracks the power and clarity they deserve. To achieve the sonic excellence we are renowned for, we don’t hesitate to spend hours tweaking our systems, helped by the most advanced measurement tools. Within the parks, we also bring our sound expertise to background music, as well as live shows, shops, restaurants and hotels. 


Celebrated attractions around the world rely on Tejix relentless pursuit of visual excellence to offer their visitors crisp, vibrant images. From a queue line monitor to a giant flying theater, nothing is left to chance in the design of our display and projection systems. We provide operators with simple, yet excellent design that will amaze audiences show after show.

Control Systems

Behind the scenes, our control systems synchronize sounds, images, lights and special effects with absolute precision. Our design approach combines the quest for perfect reliability with the flexibility required by the most demanding creative designers.

Effects & Lighting

Tejix’s goal is to exceed visitor's expectations for staggering lights and special effects, while applying pragmatic design principles for perfect safety and reliability. We strive to devise easy to maintain and energy-efficient systems. Best attraction design last for decades. So do our lighting and effects systems.

Media Design & Production

As experienced "engineers with imagination", we understand better than anyone the challenges of designing the right music and videos for our customers. From stellar 3D video content to bespoke symphonic music, our commitment to the highest standards (and thick address book) will bring stellar results.

On Board Audio

We turn coasters into shows. OLS, our onboard audio system can be mounted on new rides or give a second life to existing ones. OLS combines thundering, yet crystal-clear sound with sparkling lights, both perfectly synchronized with the ride. Designed by Tejix’s theme parks experts, OLS is virtually maintenance free and require no extra work from the ride operators. You can consult our OLS micro site or download our OLS brochure