We provide technology for the finest theme parks in the world

Attraction experts

The Tejix founders are known for their close collaboration with the most famous parks. For many years, they have participated in the development and installation of the most visited attractions in Europe and Asia.

Tejix has been created so that this experience, complemented by an in-depth artistic, technical and operational knowledge are accessible to the best operators.

Engineers with imagination

The imagination of the Tejix design engineers is unlimited when it comes to addressing the engineering, artistic and operational challenges of their clients.

Reputation for excellence

Our ultracist approach is based on the constant quest for perfection. We achieve the outstanding construction quality that is our trade-mark by consistently refusing the slightest technical compromise.

Our industrial design approach results in more robust, easy to maintain, and in the long run, more economical attractions.

Our clients

For our clients, choosing a leading technical solution is a way to assert the excellence of their design process.

A Tejix design is not only an industrial tool, but it helps its owner to maintain the upward spiral essential to his creativity and competitiveness.

These fundamentals are the basis of the long-term relationship we maintain with our customers.

Away from the ambient superficiality and mercantilism, we cultivate strong relationships with the best theme parks.  

We are naturally close to the operators spurred by the desire to offer a unique experience to their visitors.

As a result, we are the trusted partners of the largest theme parks – whose names our contractual obligations prevent us from revealing – yet also of the smaller regional and family owned parks managed by conscientious “showmen” whose values we share.

a word on sustainability

Our approach to sustainability stands in stark contrast to the typical gimmicks.

Our systems rely a solid design foundation and utilize reputable products that we can maintain for years to come.

We pay special attention to the energy efficiency of the devices we incorporate and strive for optimization in the supply chain.

Our ultimate goal is to produce systems that will endure as long as the attractions in which they are installed.