Frequently Asked Questions

& answers

How are your services different?

First, we are pure players in the Theme Park market. We look at every artistic and technical challenges with the perception of insiders. Second, we believe that Show Quality (in a park attraction, performance, shop, restaurant of hotel) is the base of the upward spiral that leads to operational and financial success. Third, we know that technology is a good servant but a poor master. Since technology is a second nature for us, we can afford to design shows and attractions without being limited by technological constraints. We look at the experience from the guest perspective.

Where are you based?

We define ourselves as a company whose expertise transcends borders. Our offices are in Marne-La-Vallée (France), Yamanashi (Japan) and in Hong Kong.

Do you service attractions?

In the world in which we live - the theme park world - the word "failure" is banned from vocabulary. Our obsession is to ensure that the availability of our attractions is the best possible. This requires a rigorous approach to industrial design, followed by meticulous installation. In case of failure, we strive to provide a rapid response, including during weekends and holidays.

Do you only work for theme parks?

Our history is linked to theme parks. We are experts in this field. We speak the language and share the daily life of our clients. From design to operations, we believe that theme parks are unique and share little with museums, expositions or visitor centers.

You don't mention references?

The true flower is hidden. We believe in discretion and a form of secrecy – we do not disclose the trade secrets of our clients-. We are privileged to work with the best corporations in the trade and this is known by our clients and prospects.

Do you have competitors?

Our integrated approach is unique. We have chosen to provide a wide array of services to a relatively small market. Being so close to the parks allows us to share the concerns and perspectives of our clients, and offer solutions that are congruent with our specific market. We are Theme Park experts with a design and technical twist, not merchants considering the Theme Park market as a segment amongst others.

Are your prices higher?

Money is in greater supply than competence. An inadequate attraction that must be closed after a few months is a real waste of resources, and cost a lot to the reputation of its owner. Tejix’s clients are experienced and discerning professionals whose priority is to offer the best to their visitors. They look beyond upfront cost, to long term return on investment. It might appear that we are charging more for less, but on the whole, after integrating longevity and availability, our designs are certainly not the most expensive, and offer a higher level of performance. In short, the requirement defines the price. The price does not define the requirement.

What does the cow on your logo mean?

The Tejix Cow evokes the common sense and strength that underlies our approach. Symbol of the celestial vault, it reminds us of our clients’ unlimited imagination.