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Show Control Systems

Behind the scenes, our control systems synchronize sounds, images, lights and special effects with absolute precision.

Our design approach combines the quest for perfect reliability with the flexibility required by the most demanding creative designers.

Control Systems Services

Sound System Services

Control Systems DesignControl Systems Design

Innovative solutions to the most complex challenges.

Control Systems installationControl Systems Installation

Each of our cabinets is a work of art.

Control Systems ProgrammingControl Systems Programming

The Show comes to life...

Control Systems Design

Control Systems Design

Tejix Show Control systems handles the logical and synchronization functions that allow attractions to operate safely without constant supervision.

To achieve this result, we design systems using industrial components that will function reliably day after day for the lifespan of the attractions they control.

Control Systems installation

Control Systems Installation

Our cabinets are works of art built by dedicated specialists in Japan and France.

The quality of our mechanical assembly and wiring is a testament to our obsession for clarity and technical excellence.

After rigorous testing, our Show Control cabinets will bring dazzling attractions to life in Europe and Asia.

Control Systems Programming

Control Systems Programming

Programming Show Control is at the crossroads of computer programming and creativity.

Our dedicated programmers not only speak several computer languages, but they also understand artistic direction, operational and safety challenges.

The special hardware we use, along with the software code we run in it has been thoroughly tested across many attractions, proving the stable and reliable performance of our approach.