Display and Projection Systems

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We design innovative solutions to the most complex display and projection challenges.

Celebrated attractions around the world rely on Tejix relentless pursuit of visual excellence to offer their visitors crisp, vibrant images.

From a queue line monitor to a giant flying theater, nothing is left to chance in the design of our display and projection systems.

Our philosophy revolves around delivering operators with elegantly simple yet exceptionally designed solutions that consistently captivate audiences, show after show.

Display and Projection Services

Sound System Services


Innovative solutions to the most complex challenges.

Video MappingVideo Mapping

Specific solutions for permanent installations

LED ScreensLED Screens

Screens designed with Theme Parks in mind.

Video Calibration and AlignmentVideo Calibration

Adjusting for the perfect picture



Expertise in image projection is paramount when it comes to theme park attractions. 

Beyond our exclusive partnership with Panasonic for our projector needs, we maintain close ties with skilled artisans capable of crafting lenses for the most peculiar situations.

In addition, our mechanical design experts are proficient in creating a wide array of screen structures, regardless of their shape or complexity.

Video Mapping

Video Mapping

Unlike live events, the mapping systems utilized in attractions must run flawlessly over the years with minimal maintenance, often in challenging environments.

We specialize in designing and deploying mapping systems built to withstand the test of time, eliminating the necessity for constant care by projection experts.

LED Screens

LED Screens

Our approach to LED screens embodies our constant quest for the highest possible reliability.

Rather than utilizing off-the-shelf components, we have engineered LED screen solutions specially designed for theme parks.

Every component is carefully chosen, ensuring years of spare parts availability.

Our experienced mechanical designers devise the custom metal frames of our screens, which are meticulously manufactured in either France or Japan to guarantee unsurpassed quality.

Video Calibration and Alignment

Video Calibration

Aligning video displays for impeccable color accuracy, perfect geometry and uniform brightness  is crucial.

Through the utilization of industrial colorimeters and specialized software, our experts painstakingly guarantee the flawless reproduction of images.