Show Lighting

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Show Lighting

Tejix’s goal is to exceed visitor's expectations for staggering lights and special effects, while applying pragmatic design principles for perfect safety and reliability.

We strive to devise easy to maintain and energy-efficient systems.

Best attraction design last for decades.

So do our lighting and effects systems.

Show Lighting Services

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Lighting DesignLighting Design

Celebrating Excellence in Themed Lighting Design.

Lighting InstallationLighting Installation

Crafting Lighting Excellence

Lighting ProgrammingLighting Programming

Elevating the Show Experience

Lighting Design

Lighting Design

Over the years, we have contributed to the design of diverse themed spaces, ranging from dark rides and roller coasters to shops, hotel lobbies, and area developments.

Our designers possess a deep understanding of the artistic complexities, as well as the safety and reliability expected in theme parks.

Tejix design process consistently relies on the utilization of advanced simulation and visualization tools.

Not only do these tools provide digital previews of the final outcome, but they also offer invaluable data that significantly streamlines setup and programming procedures.

Lighting Installation

Lighting Installation

Renowned theme parks worldwide acclaim our lighting cabinets.

They control the lighting effects of attractions and ambient lighting in public areas.

On-site, our highly skilled technicians, holding the necessary electrical certifications and trained for tasks at height, meticulously install and fine-tune the luminaires that bring the show to life.

Lighting Programming

Lighting Programming

Theme park operators can place their trust in our deep experience to seamlessly integrate lighting into show programming.

Our lighting team has meticulously crafted a specialized workflow, ensuring spectacular lighting programming that elevates the visitor experience to new heights.