Onboard Audio and Lighting

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We turn coasters into shows. OLS, our onboard audio system can be mounted on new rides or give a second life to existing ones.

OLS combines thundering, yet crystal-clear sound with sparkling lights, both perfectly synchronized with the ride.

Designed by Tejix’s theme parks experts, OLS is virtually maintenance free and require no extra work from the ride operators.

Onboard Systems Services

Sound System Services

Onboard AudioOnboard Audio

Our onboard solutions have proven themselves.

Onboard LightingOnboard Lighting

A blaze of lights.

Onboard Systems InstallationOnboard Systems Installation

Assisting all phases of the process.

Onboard Audio

Onboard Audio

With onboard audio systems becoming the standard on new rides, the requirements have grown increasingly complex. 

Operators and their clients now anticipate loud and crystal-clear sound, precise synchronization with wayside elements, interactive capabilities, and deep customization as standard expectations.

These demands are in addition to the fundamental prerequisites of reliability and, above all, safety. 

Tejix clients can trust in the wealth of knowledge accumulated through numerous on-board systems implementations.

Onboard Lighting

Onboard Lighting

An illuminated coaster gliding through the night is a visual delight.

Our achievements in this realm are founded upon the close collaboration between coaster manufacturers, park artistic teams, our mechanical design office, and our key suppliers.

By orchestrating our endeavors, we achieve the visible results on renowned coasters across Europe, Asia, and even the Middle East.

Onboard Systems Installation

Onboard Systems Installation

Thanks to our close proximity to key players, we can effectively support our clients and attraction manufacturers not only during the design phase but also throughout the factory testing process and during the critical final adjustments.