Sound Systems

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All our attractions share one thing in common: their sonic precision and clarity.

At Tejix, our experts harness their exceptional skills to craft the extraordinary sound systems for which we are renowned.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we meticulously assemble the finest components into reliable systems that give attraction soundtracks with the power and clarity they truly deserve.

To attain the sonic performance that defines our reputation, we spare no effort, dedicating countless hours to the meticulous tuning of our systems, leveraging the aid of cutting-edge measurement tools.

Our work can be heard in the world's most visited attractions.

Yet, we also bring our sound expertise to background music, as well as live shows, shops, restaurants, hotels, parade floats and, of course, ride vehicles.

Sound System Services

Sound System Services

Audio DesignSound System Design

Our efficient designs astonish audiences.

Audio ProcurementProcurement

Teaming up with the finest manufacturers

Audio InstallationAudio installation

You know us by what we do.

Audio TuningSound Tuning

Matching the sound system to its environment.

Audio Design

Sound System Design

At Tejix we have a definite idea about how we approach things to constantly meet our own high demands.

This commitment commences on the drawing board, starting from the artistically talented hands of our designers and resonating through the discerning ears of our master acousticians.

Not a single detail is left to chance in the when it comes to the design of a Tejix Sound System.

Audio Procurement

Equipment Procurement

We carefully curate each component, subjecting them to stringent testing standards before they earn their place on our list of approved products.

This meticulous process is at the heart of our commitment to maintaining a virtuous circle of masterful installation and setup, guaranteeing not only reliability but also enduring longevity.

Throughout the years, we have fostered enduring relationships and alliances with a select few, loyal manufacturers who share our unwavering dedication to excellence.

With a global presence, we have strategically positioned ourselves to orchestrate a seamless supply chain across the world, optimizing logistics and minimizing our carbon footprint.

Audio Installation

System Assembly and Installation

Great designs deserve perfect execution. 

In Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong, our strong-minded engineers take great pride wrapping our designs in beautiful cabinets. 

Stringent standards are applied to equipment installation and wiring to produce what we call "useable perfection".

The objective of our dedicated installation team is to constantly improve on the skills passed on by our masters to produce the exceptional assembly quality that reflects the clarity of our designs.

Audio Tuning

Sound Tuning

Tuning is the art of  carefully matching  the sound system with its environment and purpose.  

The time and passion we put in tweaking sound systems are the perfect expression of our unending quest for excellence. 

From inception, we have a precise idea on how the attraction should sound.

We use the most sophisticated measurement systems to analyze the acoustic environment and thoughtfully tailor the sound system settings accordingly. 

Yet, when it comes to infusing that magical touch, we rely on the discerning ears of our seasoned acousticians. 

This is the reason why the largest operators trust our judgment when it comes to sound quality.